Need to baseline your leadership style, assess how emotionally intelligent you or your team members are, understand workstyles, or measure effectiveness of your team?  We have an assessment for that. C Parker Consulting, Inc. is trained and certified in the use of a variety of tools and assessments, including:


  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Belbin Team Roles
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator; Step II
  • Firo-B
  • DiSC Workplace Styles
  • Conflict Management Styles
  • Decision Making Style Inventory
  • High Performance Organization Assessment
  • Kirton Adaption Innovation Inventory
  • Benchmarks of Team Excellence
  • The Leadership Challenge
  • The Platinum Rule
  • Leadership Practices Inventory 360

Digging Deeper

  • Employee Satisfaction/Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Customer/Employee interviews
  • Analysis and White papers


What better way to have some fun AND try out a new skill, communicate with your team better, or manage a project before it gets started. We have simulations that will do just that.

Simulation samples include:

  • Lead Out
  •  Jungle Escape
  • Building Bridges
  • Communication Derailed
  • Tall Ships
  • Mars Surface Rover
  • Maestro

Don't see what you're looking for? Other options are available. Contact us.